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Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

“Kitchens and baths sell your home,” says Lynda Reeves, publisher of House and Home Magazine. It’s true. This is where you should go “all out” as you will get the most value for your dollar with these two important, heavily-used spaces. In the kitchen, appliances, layout, tile, flooring and, of course, cabinetry all get lots… View Article

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Wee bit of background about our portfolio of previous work

We believe in transparency, so we only use actual photos taken by ourselves from jobs, we have been entirely responsible for (from Start to Finish: Design-Build-Install) … we do not use library images, there is no “photoshopping” & these are 100% projects completed by Advent Home Solutions (we do not sub-contract our labour to other… View Article

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A Look into Smart Home Technology

As a home renovation business that invests in software and technology, we are constantly following and interested in advances in technology specifically for the home or what is better known as “Smart Home Automation/Technology”.  In this post, we will give you a brief introduction on what Smart Home Technology is, some examples and how you… View Article

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The Power of Panolam Design Kitchens Other Home Renovations

Environment Friendly & Sustainable Cabinet Materials

A huge benefit of custom cabinets is the vast array of finishes to chose from. As part of our mission to not only continually focus on providing our clients with choice and of course continual product improvement from a build quality perspective, we are actively sourcing cabinet materials which not only provide the vast selection… View Article

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Tips on Prioritizing Your Home Renovations

Like most home owners these days, you are likely busy with work, activities, family, and all other stuff we call “life”. Often at the top of your (or your spouse’s) wish list are certain aspects of the home you wish to (or badly need to) renovate … but life takes over and months or years… View Article

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Breathing new life back in to a 40+ year old kitchen

OVERVIEW: The client essentially wanted to update the kitchen and increase the available storage without compromising the floor space.  They liked the existing layout with the exception of the oddly placed sink.  There was also a “pass-through” of sorts to the split level dining room below which they wished to retain to some degree or… View Article

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What’s in a Faucet? Choosing the Right One!

Many people ask us why the huge price range with bathroom & kitchen faucets … and why is the allowance as part of a bathroom renovation often far greater than what I see faucets priced online for? There are few considerations: 1. Is the faucet you saw advertised online certified for use in Canada?  Many… View Article

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