Month: February 2018

Month: February 2018

Accuracy and Craftsmanship Produce Magical Results
February 23, 2018 About Us, Cabinetry Advent

In our article “Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets” we told you about some of the cabinet hardware we like to recommend.
The hardware is produced by Blum Inc. and we are impressed by the quality of the materials and the workmanship used.

While we get a kick out of using really good tools, that is not the reason for this considerable investment. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality products to you with the highest efficiency possible.

How to Choose The Perfect Tile For Your Home
February 13, 2018 Bathrooms, Kitchens Advent

Tiles have been used in homes for 12,000 years, and since then many different kinds of tiles have emerged. The styles, colours and designs are too many to list, but we want to introduce some basic guidelines for choosing what type of tile to use for your project.

The four most common materials for tiles are ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass.