Accuracy and Craftsmanship Produce Magical Results

Accuracy and Craftsmanship Produce Magical Results
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In our article “Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets” we told you about some of the cabinet hardware we like to recommend. The hardware is produced by Blum Inc. and we are impressed by the quality of the materials and the workmanship used.

Blum spends a lot of resources on product development and quality control. This makes for excellent products that ensure smooth operation over a long period of time. Combined with excellent design and the custom cabinetry from our workshop here in Squamish we achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

“Barry and his team have created a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The new kitchen is so workable with greatly increased storage. It is attractive and functional. We have and will recommend Barry and his excellent work to our friends”.
Kitchen renovation – Tom & Margaret, Whistler

We have completed many custom cabinet projects with this hardware, and everyone is always impressed, how their cupboards and drawers operate as if there is magic involved.

We know, however, that this level of operational excellence can only be achieved if we use the utmost accuracy in building our cabinets and installing the hardware.

We recently purchased a special piece of equipment that allows us to work very accurately as well as efficiently:

The Blum MiniPress Drill

This drill press is a specialized piece of equipment for drilling the holes we need for the hardware exactly the same every time. As a special bonus, it also inserts the fittings quickly and easily.

What’s next?

In the next couple of weeks, we will take ownership of this edgebanding machine. Along with the compressor and the air dryer (to eliminate moisture in the system), this will be an investment of about $30,000

Image: Felder Group

What’s in it for you?

While we get a kick out of using really good tools, that is not the reason for this considerable investment. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality products to you with the highest efficiency possible.

Since we can save the settings of the drill press for the next time we use it for a particular application we save a lot of setup time. And because the machine ensures a high level of accuracy, the time involved in adjusting and re-working the hardware is minimized.

Did we trigger your curiosity? Give us a call and arrange a visit to our shop in Squamish. We are happy to show you how we work!

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