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Uncategorized April 5, 2019

Relocating cabinet shop to Invermere, BC

In December of 2018, just a few days before Xmas, we relocated home & cabinet shop from Squamish to Invermere, BC. 7 return trips & almost 14,000km of driving later we are finally settled and loving the new location & looking forward to serving the Columbia Valley communities as well as our client base in… View Article

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Granite and Marble Slabs Bathrooms Kitchens April 19, 2018

Find The Best Countertop For Your Dream Kitchen

Your kitchen counters can make a strong design statement but they are also essential in making your use of the kitchen efficient and safe. Countertops need to look good and work hard. They have to be resistant to scratches and heat. They also need to be food-safe and easy to clean.

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Advent Home Solutions Mission Statement About Us March 1, 2018

How to Get the Most out of Working with Us

Our number one goal is to deliver what we promised & do it in a manner which earns your trust while demonstrating our passion for what we do. To reach this goal, it is very important to us that we get to know each other before we work together. This mutual respect and understanding is the basis for our success.

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Blum Minipress About Us Cabinetry February 23, 2018

Accuracy and Craftsmanship Produce Magical Results

In our article “Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets” we told you about some of the cabinet hardware we like to recommend. The hardware is produced by Blum Inc. and we are impressed by the quality of the materials and the workmanship used. While we get a kick out of using really good tools, that is not the reason for this considerable investment. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality products to you with the highest efficiency possible.

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Laying Floor Tiles Bathrooms Kitchens February 13, 2018

How to Choose The Perfect Tile For Your Home

Tiles have been used in homes for 12,000 years, and since then many different kinds of tiles have emerged. The styles, colours and designs are too many to list, but we want to introduce some basic guidelines for choosing what type of tile to use for your project. The four most common materials for tiles are ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass.

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Aventos HL Cabinet Lift System Cabinetry January 17, 2018

Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets

Choosing the right hardware for your custom cabinets is crucial to the long-term success of the project. After all, the custom cabinets should not only look nice but also perform to a high standard and stand up to daily use by you and your family. In the design process, we usually take our customers on a tour of suppliers that specialize in high-quality hardware options to choose the right hinges, drawer slides, pulls, etc. for their project. Over the years we have come to recognize a few hardware brands that regularly outperform others. The innovation of design and functionality, as well as the quality of the materials and the high production standard, make these products the best choice in the long run.

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R-Value Insulation Building Envelope November 8, 2017

What is R-Value and Why is it Important?

Now that winter is here, a lot of people are suddenly noticing that their home is cooler than they like, or the furnace has to work very hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. If this is happening to you, we will need to look at the building envelope of your house. There is one term,… View Article

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Kitchen Hardware Cabinetry Kitchens November 2, 2017

Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

“Kitchens and baths sell your home,” says Lynda Reeves, publisher of House and Home Magazine. It’s true. This is where you should go “all out” as you will get the most value for your dollar with these two important, heavily-used spaces. In the kitchen, appliances, layout, tile, flooring and, of course, cabinetry all get lots… View Article

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Bathroom Glass Shower Stall Bathrooms October 13, 2017

Luxuries to Splurge on When Planning Your New Bathroom

Bathroom trends are leaning towards a spa-like bathroom experience. Of course, the functionality has to be there also. But in the Pacific Northwest, there are certain things that make a bathroom very inviting and relaxing. Here are a few things to splurge on to take your bathroom from strictly utilitarian…to spa-like oasis. In-floor Heating and… View Article

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs Big Box Stores Kitchens October 6, 2017

Why You Should Invest in Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Many clients have a long list of items on their “to renovate” list. Kitchens are often the top of the list and take the biggest chunk out of the renovation budget. There are so many costly aspects to renovating a kitchen: appliances, plumbing, lighting, hardware, countertops, and, of course, cabinets, among many others. Don’t Settle… View Article

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Background Info Header About Us Business stuff Design Kitchens February 2, 2017

Wee bit of background about our portfolio of previous work

We believe in transparency, so we only use actual photos taken by ourselves from jobs, we have been entirely responsible for (from Start to Finish: Design-Build-Install) … we do not use library images, there is no “photoshopping” & these are 100% projects completed by Advent Home Solutions (we do not sub-contract our labour to other… View Article

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Smart Home Technology Bathrooms Design Kitchens Other Home Renovations December 23, 2016

A Look into Smart Home Technology

As a home renovation business that invests in software and technology, we are constantly following and interested in advances in technology specifically for the home or what is better known as “Smart Home Automation/Technology”.  In this post, we will give you a brief introduction on what Smart Home Technology is, some examples and how you… View Article

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Power of Panolam Design Kitchens Other Home Renovations December 21, 2016

Environment Friendly & Sustainable Cabinet Materials

A huge benefit of custom cabinets is the vast array of finishes to chose from. As part of our mission to not only continually focus on providing our clients with choice and of course continual product improvement from a build quality perspective, we are actively sourcing cabinet materials which not only provide the vast selection… View Article

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Home Renovations Budget Bathrooms Kitchens Other Home Renovations November 17, 2016

Tips on Prioritizing Your Home Renovations

Like most home owners these days, you are likely busy with work, activities, family, and all other stuff we call “life”. Often at the top of your (or your spouse’s) wish list are certain aspects of the home you wish to (or badly need to) renovate … but life takes over and months or years… View Article

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Truth Home Service Referral Fees Business stuff May 3, 2016

Learn about hidden home service website referral fees?

This morning’s post is in the interest of being open and honest … For the most part, new clients find us either through the traditional means of asking a friend or neighbour, their realtor, asking through the local building supply store or of course like many businesses these days we get calls or emails originating… View Article

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Renovation Project Timelines Business stuff March 10, 2016

Project timelines & Decision making

Timelines Whichever contractor you are working with, bear in mind that any provisional timelines discussed are typically based on the initial scope of work as is agreed at that point in time.  If the scope changes then it is highly likely that the timeline will change also … and usually the cost. Adding elements to… View Article

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Design March 9, 2016

Implications of Using Natural Materials In Your House

Natural versus “Manufactured” Material Finishes These days the options available in terms of material finishes are virtually limitless and so it can be overwhelming at times.  There are more products available on the market today that are manufactured to look like something they are not, and in many cases, they are very realistic.  However, they… View Article

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About Us January 26, 2016

Meet the crew – Part 1

Name: Graham Cofell Normally found in our cabinet shop, Graham is originally from Mississauga, Ontario but relocated to Squamish, BC in 2004 for the rock climbing and has a young family now.  Naturally & rightfully so, his daughter takes up much of his time.  He also has a passion for building custom furniture and other… View Article

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Home Renovation Awards January 21, 2016

Advent Home Solutions Wins Best Of Houzz Award!

Over 35 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World Squamish, BC, Canada January 21, 2016 – Advent Home Solutions in Squamish has won “Best Customer Service” award on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodelling and design. Engineer turned home renovation specialist, owner… View Article

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About Us June 24, 2015

On a completely different vein …

So pretty much all posts in this wee blog of ours to-date have been either technical aspects of what we do, how we do it, but not so much about why we got into the home renovation business & what drives us to keep on getting better.  So here’s Barry’s account of why he keeps… View Article

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Kitchens May 14, 2015

Breathing new life back in to a 40+ year old kitchen

OVERVIEW: The client essentially wanted to update the kitchen and increase the available storage without compromising the floor space.  They liked the existing layout with the exception of the oddly placed sink.  There was also a “pass-through” of sorts to the split level dining room below which they wished to retain to some degree or… View Article

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Home Design Kitchen Rendering Design February 12, 2015

The Power of 3D Rendering For Design Decisions

We get asked all the time … will I like that paint colour, how will the dark vanity look in my bathroom, will those cabinets work well with the overall look I’m after, will the room feel big enough, etc etc.  This is a prime example where utilizing professional architecture software and 3D rendering capabilities not… View Article

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Other Home Renovations March 31, 2014

Some “Building Code & Bylaw Basics” Worth Knowing

So let me start by saying I am not about to reproduce even a condensed version of the BC Building Code in blog form … that’s just way too much information and it’s not exactly the most exciting of topics.  I was at Blue Man Group in Vancouver on Thursday … that was exciting.  Very… View Article

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Assisted Living February 3, 2014

Assisted Living Considerations For Your Home

In today’s society it is of course expected to find appropriate solutions all around us for the less mobile to gain access to various buildings and events, whether it be the hotel where you spent your last vacation, your favourite coffee shop, the grocery store, the local pharmacy, the library or an art gallery.  However,… View Article

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Bathrooms January 9, 2014

Schluter shower stall waterproofing

Once upon a time in a land not so far away … OK so actually this isn’t a fairy story.  It used to be felt that tiling the walls of a tub surround or shower stall was enough to keep any significant moisture from getting into the walls behind and causing any damage.  It still… View Article

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Bathrooms Kitchens February 28, 2013

What’s in a Faucet? Choosing the Right One!

Many people ask us why the huge price range with bathroom & kitchen faucets … and why is the allowance as part of a bathroom renovation often far greater than what I see faucets priced online for? There are few considerations: 1. Is the faucet you saw advertised online certified for use in Canada?  Many… View Article

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Bathrooms February 28, 2013

Bathroom Design Dilemma – How to Fix

Ok, so you’ve got to the point of figuring your bathroom needs some love and brought more up to date.  Where to start??? Ask yourself the following questions… 1. Do I want to change everything about the existing bathroom (one extreme) or are there just a few smaller elements that I’m not crazy about (the… View Article

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Other Home Renovations February 27, 2013

Quick over view of the home renovation process

Here is a summarized version of what the home renovation project cycle typically looks like from conception to actually getting started: 1. You, the homeowner, figure it’s time to update one or more rooms and/or the exterior of the home.  This may be in part forced upon you due to a number of reasons such… View Article

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Uncategorized February 24, 2013

Welcome to the new look Advent Home Solutions!

The purpose of this blog is basically for us to share new product information and to talk about some of the systems/solutions we use as regards home renovations and what their benefits are.  We will try not to wander too far off topic 😉 For starters; some thoughts on decks … Now is a great time… View Article

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