Breathing new life back in to a 40+ year old kitchen

Breathing new life back in to a 40+ year old kitchen
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The client essentially wanted to update the kitchen and increase the available storage without compromising the floor space.  They liked the existing layout with the exception of the oddly placed sink.  There was also a “pass-through” of sorts to the split level dining room below which they wished to retain to some degree or other but also make it appear more intentional rather than just a hole in the wall.

2015 Ski Kitchen 010 Before Kitchen Renovation2015 Ski Kitchen 008

So here’s a glimpse at how this space looked before we started … 30″ upper cabinets (standard 12″ depth), old-school laminate countertops, vinyl flooring in a nice shade of yeek, and a sink that wants to be part of a peninsula.


Cabinet boxes:

  • 3/4″ melamine construction with 5/8″ melamine adjustable shelves
  • 40″ uppers (other than above appliances) was requested provided the bulkhead could be removed without significant expense
  • deeper upper cabinets to maximize storage as well as to hide where the existing bulkhead was removed (which would leave a gap in the ceiling)

Cabinet doors/drawers:

  • all white, shaker style
  • matte finish
  • durable
  • slow close hinges and drawer slides
  • plywood drawer boxes for durability

Other finishes/products:

  • laminate countertops (client not a fan of solid stone/quartz)
  • Durable/washable flooring (not tile)
  • stainless appliances (low-mid level fine)
  • add a wee bit of bling with some snazzy mosaic tile for the backsplash


Nothing too crazy here … keep the appliances pretty much within a few inches of where they are (to minimize the electrical budget), sink drain & water lines pretty close to existing access points also, add drawer space for more functional storage, remove that delightful valence over the drapes. Oh and lastly … reconfigure that hole in the wall to extend the countertop with some shelving underneath, but still with the ability to “pass stuff through”.  Also, we had to insist that the old light box was gone in the same way as the dodo and replaced with something just a tad more modern. As you will see the client wasn’t afraid to add a pop of colour with the walls & this made sure we didn’t end up with a big beige box.  The entry/stair area was also repainted with the same colour as the cabinets to brighten an otherwise dark corridor.

Proposed Kitchen Layout


As you can see the end is pretty close to the design concept … in fact about the only thing not in the concept is the wall phone and a bowl of fruit 😉

Kitchen Renovation After 1 Kitchen Renovation After 2 Kitchen Renovation After 3Kitchen Renovation After 4

These photos were sent to me by the client who is loving their new space.  They added cafe-style blinds which were a good idea especially given how warm this room gets. The wrap-around-windows expose it to the sun most of the day.

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