Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinet Door Styles

Here are JUST A FEW of the possibilities for wood or “wood look” cabinet doors…

Here are some options for paint-grade cabinet doors …

There are 5 key elements to determine the cabinet door style:

  1. The basic profile of the door eg. slab, shaker (recessed panel), raised panel
  2. The details of the door profile eg. a shaker door with a 90 degree inside profile, a shaker door with a 30 degree inside profile, a slab door with square edges
  3. The material(s) that the door is made from eg. MDF, wood (which species ie. maple, alder, VG fir, rift cut oak, cherry, etc), engineered / laminate
  4. The colour / grain pattern
  5. The finish

Some of these go hand-in-hand. For example; an engineered slab door will have a 90 degree edge profile (dictated by the nature of the material) & will not require additional finishing (no stain or clear coat) as that’s the purpose of it being “engineered”. In contrast; a vertical grain (VG) fir shaker door may have a stain and a clear-coat finish applied to darken and protect the natural wood. Further; an MDF door doesn’t have any grain pattern and is used for paint-grade (solid colour) doors.

You can then incorporate elements such as glass panels, alter the width of shaker door frame if you wish a wider look, make the panel from slats as opposed to one solid panel for a more farmhouse / rustic look.

Here are just a few of the cabinet door styles we have made for previous clients … if you like the look of one of these then that’s fantastic, otherwise there are a multitude of other options once we understand the look you are after. There are often new products coming to the market so we can help guide your design aesthetic.

Maple shaker with 90 degree inside profile, 2 1/2 wide frame, single recessed plywood panel, clear coat (no stain)
High gloss slab doors, square edge profile: Egger PerfectSense Gloss
Shaker, Paint grade (Chantilly Lace), square inside profile, additional cross brace, low sheen finish
Shaker (maple), slatted recessed panel, custom stain & protective matte clear-coat, semi-gloss finish