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Background Info Header About Us Business stuff Design Kitchens February 2, 2017

Wee bit of background about our portfolio of previous work

We believe in transparency, so we only use actual photos taken by ourselves from jobs, we have been entirely responsible for (from Start to Finish: Design-Build-Install) … we do not use library images, there is no “photoshopping” & these are 100% projects completed by Advent Home Solutions (we do not sub-contract our labour to other… View Article

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Smart Home Technology Bathrooms Design Kitchens Other Home Renovations December 23, 2016

A Look into Smart Home Technology

As a home renovation business that invests in software and technology, we are constantly following and interested in advances in technology specifically for the home or what is better known as “Smart Home Automation/Technology”.  In this post, we will give you a brief introduction on what Smart Home Technology is, some examples and how you… View Article

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The Power of Panolam Design Kitchens Other Home Renovations December 21, 2016

Environment Friendly & Sustainable Cabinet Materials

A huge benefit of custom cabinets is the vast array of finishes to chose from. As part of our mission to not only continually focus on providing our clients with choice and of course continual product improvement from a build quality perspective, we are actively sourcing cabinet materials which not only provide the vast selection… View Article

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Design March 9, 2016

Implications of Using Natural Materials In Your House

Natural versus “Manufactured” Material Finishes These days the options available in terms of material finishes are virtually limitless and so it can be overwhelming at times.  There are more products available on the market today that are manufactured to look like something they are not, and in many cases, they are very realistic.  However, they… View Article

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Home Design Kitchen Rendering Design February 12, 2015

The Power of 3D Rendering For Design Decisions

We get asked all the time … will I like that paint colour, how will the dark vanity look in my bathroom, will those cabinets work well with the overall look I’m after, will the room feel big enough, etc etc.  This is a prime example where utilizing professional architecture software and 3D rendering capabilities not… View Article

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