Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry
November 2, 2017 Comments Off on Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry Cabinetry, Kitchens Advent

“Kitchens and baths sell your home,” says Lynda Reeves, publisher of House and Home Magazine.

It’s true. This is where you should go “all out” as you will get the most value for your dollar with these two important, heavily-used spaces. In the kitchen, appliances, layout, tile, flooring and, of course, cabinetry all get lots of thought and attention. Cabinet hardware is often a last-minute decision. Make sure that cabinet hardware is well integrated with your overall design and that it functions well for you. Make no mistake: this is a very personal and important decision, and you need to take the time to choose well.

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Do Not Think of Hardware as an Afterthought

Think about it: you will open and close your kitchen cabinet drawers and cupboards many times a day – and often first thing in the morning just after you wake up. Pay careful attention to the functionality of the cabinet hardware. How does it feel in your hand? Pay attention to any sharp edges. Pulls and knobs that are quality should be well designed and not catch on your hand or fingers after you open or close the cabinet. Be wary of modern and minimalist stainless steel edge pulls that may look great but, if poorly designed and/or cheaply manufactured, are not functional or pleasant to the touch or ergonomic with heavy repeated use. Ensure your hardware is made to be functional, comfortable, practical, and yes, attractive. But do not let “attractive” be your sole criteria in this important decision. Hardware is a purchase that needs to be a hands-on decision – feel it in a showroom BEFORE you purchase and install it. Once you have installed hardware, it is extremely difficult to replace it, without dealing with unsightly holes in your cabinetry.

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Consider Integrated “Hardware”

Another hardware option is push activated doors and drawer fronts (so there is literally no pull or knob) … with special hardware integrated into the cabinet, you push on the door or drawer front and it pops open … you then grab the door or drawer front to pull it open the rest of the way.  These are integrated with slow close drawer slides and door hinges for a smooth operation.

One thing to mention though … fingerprints.  Have a lint-free cloth handy as you will be constantly polishing the cabinet fronts.

Warm Things Up

Hardware can warm up a kitchen in the right tones. A trend right now is burnished brass which can add warmth to a kitchen. The soft light reflecting off this metal can really brighten up the room – a welcome effect in the cooler months!

Regardless of which hardware you choose, it has to function well, withstand lots of use and wear, and feel comfortable in your hand. Cabinetry hardware: it’s not an afterthought!

How we Select The Right Hardware For Your Project

Together with our clients we narrow down the selection of hardware options and obtain samples before we order the hardware for the project.

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