The Design Technology

The Design Technology

There are a few key aspects to how we utilize technology within our business so as to not only enable us to operate as efficiently as possible but also to help us in providing the best possible level of customer service.

Cabinet Design / Quoting / Production

For the last few years we have been using Cabinet Vision as our key cabinetry design, quoting & production system.  We also use Chief Architect to generate 3D renderings.

We have been using professional level architecture software since 2009 to generate all our construction plans, cabinet layouts, and photographic quality 3D renderings.  This allows us to produce plans for permit application, to pass on to engineers… also in combination with 3D renderings, it allows the homeowner to visualize how the finished project will look and make key decisions before any work has started.

This also allows us to produce accurate material takeoffs & ensure no key elements are missed. It is one thing, seeing everything listed in a quote, but for most clients, it is far clearer if they have something visual as their checklist without the need to understand construction blueprints.

On one project we were able to show the homeowner how space they already had could accommodate a large master suite without the need to build an addition (their initial plan). A few hours spent playing with different layouts can ultimately save many $1000’s.

Client Sharing

We use Google Drive & other Google online apps to share details with clients as well as for our project scheduling.  We also use an online CRM system to ensure we stay on top of client communications.

  • Share progress updates
  • Share schedules, plans & various other elements of a project with the clients as well as other trades, architects … etc.
  • View and Approve Product Selections
  • View and Approve Change Orders

Not only is the client kept in the loop but this makes communications easier which ultimately results in less stress for all parties involved.

We also use apps such as Facebook Messenger as well as more conventional methods to keep in touch.

In the Back Office

  • Significant investment into both accounting and workshop systems
  • Create project proposals/quotes in a professional & timely manner
  • Accurately track project costs while ensuring that overheads are kept under control
  • By being efficient on the back end, we are more effective on the front end which is the part you see.