Life in Invermere & the Columbia Valley

Life in Invermere & the Columbia Valley
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On the way from Panorama towards Jumbo Glacier, July 3rd 2019

As a Scotsman who moved to BC in 2003 I’ve always said that this place is a lot like Scotland if you stretch it out in all directions (including vertically) and then cover everything in trees … we have trees in Scotland, but mainly in the valleys and some parts are pretty windswept and barren too. Anyway, where was I … oh yes, beautiful place and some days like yesterday evening I like to go for a wee drive or walk or run or bike ride just to remind myself why I fell in love with this place and what I am working so hard for. As we all know BC is not the cheapest place to live, but boy is it worth it.

View of Lake Windermere from the Panorama road

Even on days like today when there is a blanket of cloud over everything I’d still say this is one of the most stunning places to live. Give me a lake, some pointy mountains & a few trees and I’m as happy as a fat kid with a chocolate bar. Add in a few cute marmots, the odd inquisitive deer and maybe a bunny or 15 and I’m in heaven.

The locals!

Anyone who has visited Invermere and the surrounding area obviously knows it’s a very friendly place. To be honest that more than anything is the main reason I chose to settle here a few months ago; having spent the previous 14 years in Squamish and 2 years before that in Whistler it was time for a change and somewhere a wee bit less hectic.

So Invermere is now where my workshop is located … down in the business park (the right side of town for me given I live on the mountain in Panorama).

The sign kind of says it all … my “second home”

This past winter you would have found me on the slopes of Panorama Mountain Resort teaching mainly kids and the odd (as in occasional, not peculiar) adult … what an amazing gem of a resort. I love how busy it isn’t!

My “back garden”

So where am I going with all this … all this stuff is what inspires me to do what I do. I never would have dreamt that when I first renovated a flat in Edinburgh back in my 20’s that all these years later (I’m the shiny side of 50 now) I’d be living on a mountain in a ski resort with my own business on the “other side of the world”.

So the question is; what inspires you?

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