Luxuries to Splurge on When Planning Your New Bathroom

Luxuries to Splurge on When Planning Your New Bathroom
October 13, 2017 Comments Off on Luxuries to Splurge on When Planning Your New Bathroom Bathrooms Advent

Bathroom trends are leaning towards a spa-like bathroom experience. Of course, the functionality has to be there also. But in the Pacific Northwest, there are certain things that make a bathroom very inviting and relaxing. Here are a few things to splurge on to take your bathroom from strictly utilitarian…to spa-like oasis.

In-floor Heating and Heated Towel Racks are Worthy Investments in the Pacific Northwest

In our climate, there is nothing like heated flooring directly on your bare feet to make a cold winter morning more tolerable. Add a warm towel to the mix and you may not want to leave your bathroom. If you decide to invest in an integrated towel rack, make sure you plan its location to be easily accessible to the shower or tub.

Invest in a Luxurious Walk-in Shower

The trend in showers are larger, glass-enclosed spaces with rain shower heads and hand-held fixtures. Another trend that is practical for aging-in-place and accessibility is built-in shower seating and handrails. A timeless look that can make a bathroom feel more spacious is a seamless glass shower enclosure with no curb. Another trend worth investing in is the drain itself. Far from being purely functional, drains are becoming design features in and of themselves.

Plan for a Shower Niche for Clean Lines and Less Clutter

Nothing looks worse than shampoo and conditioner bottles strewn over the floor of a gorgeous shower stall. To avert this problem, install a built-in shower niche. Be sure to finalise a plan with your contractor for a niche well ahead of time in the renovation or building process. It can’t be installed as an afterthought.

Treat Yourself to Fine Cabinetry in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place that can get messy quickly. It makes sense to have practical cabinetry that can store all the items that make a bathroom functional – from towels and cosmetics, to toilet paper. Make the cabinetry user-friendly with pull-out shelving – all the better for finding small items – rather than hunting in the back of a cupboard for that essential item in the morning rush!

Good Lighting is Essential

Bathrooms are like kitchens in that effective (yet attractive and flattering) lighting is essential. No one wants to shave or apply makeup in an under-lit bathroom. Make sure this design element doesn’t take a backseat when planning your new bathroom. There are literally thousands of lighting options for the bathroom in style, intensity, and lighting tone. Remember to install dimmers for your lighting, as while it’s important for lighting to be bright and focused over the vanity, you may want to have dim lighting for your evening bath. Be sure to not let bathroom lighting be a second thought. For an all-around functional bathroom, lighting, around the vanity area in particular, should play a starring role.

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