Home Renovation Services

Custom Home Renovations - Kitchens, Bathrooms and Custom Cabinetry

The amazing part of a home renovation is that it renews life to a home and allows you to enjoy your home for years to come. With a home renovation usually the existing design is outdated and your appliances, fixtures and cabinets are in need of a change or repair or perhaps the layout simply does not work for you. Whatever the reason we are here to help.

As a full service general home renovation contracting company, our focus is on bathroom renovations & kitchen renovations as well as other related projects. Renovating (or remodeling) is what we do day in, day out.

We manage the whole renovation process:

  • Design – We use professional architecture software to provide our clients with realistic and photographic quality 3D renderings. Where appropriate, we bring in 3rd party engineering contractors.
  • Build & Fabrication – We build all our custom cabinets & cabinet doors in-house in our cabinet shop located in Squamish.
  • Project Management – We co-ordinate all sub-trades (i.e. plumber & electrician), schedule our own install staff, procure all necessary materials & ensure the project stays on schedule as well as communicate throughout with clients.
  • Install – The majority of installation tasks are performed by our own experienced employees or by local sub-trades who we work with extensively.  Everything we manage is covered by our workmanship guarantee.


Our own custom cabinet workshop for your home renovation

We have our own in-house custom cabinet workshop which allows us to create very unique cabinet pieces in a timely manner. You will not have to wait on a supplier or for a shipment to come in. We also fabricate our own flooring transitions and then stain or lacquer to match your flooring.

We can add valuable experience to your home renovation design and build your custom cabinets locally in our workshop. We then install the cabinetry and finish off your project in a timely manner. We help guide you every step of the way through your home renovation project.

We source products to meet your personal design aesthetic and collaborate with you to meet your design style. We help you keep on track with your budget (via product allowances) and ensure your project stays on track both in terms of cost but also time frame.

2-Year Workmanship Guarantee

We provide a 2-year guarantee on workmanship. Conditions do apply (typical wear & tear, etc). Details available on request.

All our in-house custom cabinets have a limited lifetime warranty.

With 22+ years of experience backed by an engineering degree, we can help you with your next home renovation.

Give us a call at 604-567-3170 or Email Us to set up a home renovation consultation.