Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets

Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets
January 17, 2018 Comments Off on Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets Cabinetry Advent

As mentioned in our recent article “Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinetry” choosing the right hardware for your custom cabinets is crucial to the long-term success of the project. After all, the custom cabinets should not only look nice but also perform to a high standard and stand up to daily use by you and your family.

In the design process, we usually take our customers on a tour of suppliers that specialize in high-quality hardware options to choose the right hinges, drawer slides, pulls, etc. for their project.

Over the years we have come to recognize a few hardware brands that regularly outperform others. The innovation of design and functionality, as well as the quality of the materials and the high production standard, make these products the best choice in the long run.

One of the brands is Blum Inc.

Julius Blum founded his company in 1952 in Austria, and it has since grown into an international company with branches all over the world. This includes the Canadian division that started in 1978 and has since created a nationwide distribution network.

We believe in Blum products so much that we recently acquired a special drill press from the company. We will tell you about this in a future article.

Here are some of our favourite Blum products:

Movento drawer slides


Blum Movento drawer slides
[image Blum]
These drawer slides give even large pull-outs the feeling of ease and comfort. Very little force is needed to open your drawers. Movento drawer slides come with Blum’s Blumotion built in. This technology ensures that all drawers and cabinets close softly and effortlessly.

Click here to find the brochure.

Clip top Blumotion hinges

The same smooth closing mechanism as with the Movento drawer slides is built into the Blum hinges. This lets you close every cupboard door without a sound. No more slamming doors 🙂

Blum Blumotion
Image Blum Inc.

Aventos HK-S door hinge mechanism

The Aventos HK-S enables us to make even small and high cabinets easily accessible. The cabinets smoothly open and close by lifting the door upward and out of the way.

Aventos HL

The Aventos HL lift system seems almost magical. We recently built this into a kitchen. In this video you can see its operation.

Aventos HL enables us to create cupboards in spots that would otherwise be very difficult to access.


We have samples of all of these in demo cabinets in our shop so we can show you what we use, why the Blum hardware is superior to some other options, and so you can see for yourself how they operate. But if they wish to see more we can show you all the options available at our supplier’s showroom in the city. In case you are unable to make such a trip we can also order in samples. Because of the vast amount of options available, this service comes at an extra cost.

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