Tag: bathroom

Tag: bathroom

How to Choose The Perfect Tile For Your Home
February 13, 2018 Bathrooms, Kitchens Advent

Tiles have been used in homes for 12,000 years, and since then many different kinds of tiles have emerged. The styles, colours and designs are too many to list, but we want to introduce some basic guidelines for choosing what type of tile to use for your project.

The four most common materials for tiles are ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass.

Luxuries to Splurge on When Planning Your New Bathroom
October 13, 2017 Bathrooms Advent

Bathroom trends are leaning towards a spa-like bathroom experience. Of course, the functionality has to be there also. But in the Pacific Northwest, there are certain things that make a bathroom very inviting and relaxing. Here are a few things to splurge on to take your bathroom from strictly utilitarian…to spa-like oasis. In-floor Heating and

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