Tag: tiles

Tag: tiles

Find The Best Countertop For Your Dream Kitchen
April 19, 2018 Bathrooms, Kitchens Advent

Your kitchen counters can make a strong design statement but they are also essential in making your use of the kitchen efficient and safe. Countertops need to look good and work hard. They have to be resistant to scratches and heat. They also need to be food-safe and easy to clean.

How to Choose The Perfect Tile For Your Home
February 13, 2018 Bathrooms, Kitchens Advent

Tiles have been used in homes for 12,000 years, and since then many different kinds of tiles have emerged. The styles, colours and designs are too many to list, but we want to introduce some basic guidelines for choosing what type of tile to use for your project.

The four most common materials for tiles are ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass.