The Power of 3D Rendering For Design Decisions

The Power of 3D Rendering For Design Decisions
February 12, 2015 Comments Off on The Power of 3D Rendering For Design Decisions Design Advent

We get asked all the time … will I like that paint colour, how will the dark vanity look in my bathroom, will those cabinets work well with the overall look I’m after, will the room feel big enough, etc etc.  This is a prime example where utilizing professional architecture software and 3D rendering capabilities not only allow you to visualize if a space will work for you physically, but if the overall colour scheme & style is ultimately what you are after … and it is certainly an awful lot less expensive to get this information up front before any product is purchased or walls moved, etc than finding out when everything is done that it just isn’t quite right.


Big House Floor Plan

We start off by creating a conventional plan view of the layout of your home or the key room(s) as is … often what you wish to accomplish can be executed without significant changes to the floor-plan so that’s usually where we begin.  With just a few tweaks here and there it may be possible to create a more functional space.

Big House 3D View Exterior Big House 3D View Exterior

In this example we created a model of the exterior of a 7500 sqft home in less time than it takes to watch an average movie … and then playing with a few settings and making small changes we can see how it looks at different times of day, or with different colour schemes or from different perspectives.

Big House 3D View Exterior

Sometimes all you need is a sketch to convey ideas to friends, family, the local building department, etc.

Big House 3D View Exterior Big House 3D View Exterior

As shown above we can then go as far as creating 3D sectional views or even full 3D framing views … the last of these is very useful when it comes to figuring out some of the framing details especially when structural beams or posts are added and making sure they do not obscure a view or land awkwardly in a room.  Capabilities such as this also make life much simpler when discussing ideas with a structural engineer or other trades.

Big House 3D Entry ViewWalnut Beam Master Bathroom 3D Rendering

And then there are cases where you simply want to see how much lighting or what paint colours will work, where to place windows and doors or what floor finishes to use.  We have digital versions of the Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint catalogues as well as most of the cabinet manufacturers in North America, flooring products, countertop materials, lighting, appliances, fixtures, etc etc … all intended to add as much realism as possible to the design.  Due to the number of possible tile options available we are limited to using options that are close to the selected product.  Similarly with flooring … although we do have a digital catalogue for the largest carpet supplier and some of the hardwood, laminate & vinyl products available.

Ski Boot Bench 3D RenderingWooden Ski Boot Bench

As an added bonus, having our own custom cabinet shop … if you see a cabinet style you like we can likely replicate it for you (first in virtual 3D as part of the design sign-off process) and create cabinets of whatever size and configuration you desire, regardless of whether the standard cabinets from that manufacturer come in that size or not or are even available in Canada.  Everything is built locally in Squamish.

So this is just a taster of what is possible … we look forward to your call or email and being given the opportunity to wow you with our full DESIGN – BUILD – INSTALL service.

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