How to Get the Most out of Working with Us

How to Get the Most out of Working with Us
March 1, 2018 Comments Off on How to Get the Most out of Working with Us About Us Advent

Our number one goal is to deliver what we promised & do it in a manner which earns your trust while demonstrating our passion for what we do.

To reach this goal, it is very important to us that we get to know each other before we work together. This mutual respect and understanding is the basis for our success.

Shop Local

Advent Home Solutions has been serving our local customers from our shop in Squamish since 2009. Barry Thomson and his whole team are part of our local community and that includes our families and our customers. The focus on local, custom work is very important to us. Wherever possible we source our materials from local partners and producers. We want our customers to know that we care as much about our local economy as they do.

Rather than shopping for cabinets in a showroom or online that are actually built elsewhere, our clients get to see exactly how and where their cabinets are to be built and often they stop by while their own cabinets are in production. This is all part of making their renovation dreams become a reality as well as helping them feel good about the investment they are making in their home.

Meet and Greet

Starting a renovation project can be a daunting task for anybody. There are many decisions to be made, and few people have all the necessary knowledge to oversee the whole scope of the project. Choosing a contractor for your renovation is the most important decision in this process. We want to make sure that you feel heard and taken care of. We want to learn your preferences and advise you on the possibilities of your project.

We like to start by showing you around our shop and our offices. You can see and feel the quality of our craftsmanship and witness first hand how we work.

We love when our customers come and visit us in our shop before we even get started planning. This gives us the opportunity to show you some basic options and discuss the scope and quality of the project.

Get Started

We can then sit down together and work on the plans for your project using our state of the art computer design programs. The 3D rendering feature makes it possible to show you the growing project from many different angles. It’s almost like seeing a model of your future kitchen or bathroom.

We will then arrange a time when we come to your home to see your current situation first hand, take measurements and talk about possible challenges to the project so we minimize “surprises” in the end.

We will likely ask you about rough ball-park budget ranges before we get too involved and so as to ensure both parties are somewhat on the same page as regards expectations. We can give rough ranges based on typical projects in the past.  However accurate pricing comes only after detailed discussions and time spent figuring out the specifics of your custom renovation project.  We will ascertain whether it is possible to provide an accurate quote based on the initial information and a site measure or whether, as is the case for most larger projects, it would be best to provide a separate design quote followed by a construction/install quote once the real details are determined.  No two homes are the same when it comes to the layout, features, issues, wear & tear, environmental and other challenges, etc and no two designs are the same … so just as is the case when you buy a home … it is critical to ensure that the budget is realistic for the extent of work as well as the likely timeframe to complete the scope.  The amount of time you put into the design will be reflected in the end result and ultimately your overall satisfaction.  Whether you select us as your contractor and/or cabinet company or opt for one of many wonderful companies out there, ensure that the scope is detailed enough that you know exactly what you are getting into.

We respect that our customers expect top quality work for a fair price. We believe that good preparation is the best way to manage these expectations and deliver a renovation project that you and we can be proud of.

We would like to invite you to visit us in our workshop in Squamish and talk about your next renovation project.

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